Everyday, people are faced with decisions, but wake up not knowing what will come their way. When faced with adversity we sink into our habits and use our experiences to fight through. When faced with happiness, we extend ourselves to new adventures and find a new wrinkle in our personality.

Today I decided to write about Economics for the average person. I’m fearful I’m going to do poorly, and not help the people I seek to encourage. However, I’m also excited to see what I can learn about myself and the world. As a person, I embrace change and am always seeking to learn. For me, seeing life through other people’s eyes is the key to learning about the world. I hope to encourage others in the same thought, and hope to help society view what truly matters in life.

The Econ of Life is about our everyday decisions. We don’t always know how our decisions affect someone else, and we can’t make everyone happy. I am hoping, however, that I can help provide perspective in many different ways for the choices we are faced with. I hope you decide to join me on my adventure through the world of decisions.

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  1. William, I am looking forward to following your discoveries about choices people make and why they make them. The very act of being curious and finding out about the logic used leads to new insights. Thanks for sharing your trek and your learning. At this time I see many people are very self-centered and do not realize how their choices affect others.

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