As of today, only one thing is for certain, tomorrow is unknown. We can look upon our past to determine where mistakes were made, or we can identify the moments that made our lives better. The problem here, is that even though we can look at our past, we cannot relive the instant and make a different choice. Those opportunities have gone, and where we go from here is our decision regardless if we look at these moments in time for guidance.  

Everyone experiences a different feeling about life; some felt as though grammer school took a lifetime, while others feared growing up, some feel like adulthood is accelerating at an insane speed, while others can’t wait for next year. However, in all cases life goes by at the precise speed of 60 seconds per minute. Just enough time to take a breath, hopefully gain some clarity, and make a decision.

When we make these decisions, we are unknowingly forming the building blocks for questions tomorrow. Think about it this way, how many times have you asked yourself “did I make the wrong choice”? The truth is we’ll never know, but we can adjust the outcomes of any choice by adapting new ideologies that work towards our end goal. We need to look at our past, the history of our country, and understand other people’s experiences in order to gain a strong future or foundation. This is why time is so important, it allows the passing of good and bad experiences, and it is the essence in which future gains become possible.

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