Going to College (Part 2): Free College for All

Today I’d like to discuss two topics as we continue our discussion on Going to College. Previously, we examined the level of degree and identified how to evaluate its effectiveness using income as a unit of measure. However, there is more information needed to determine the value of a degree, we also need to use... Continue Reading →

Going to College (Part 1): Education helps, but the degree matters!

Every now and then we hear the phrase "skilled workers" on the radio, in a news report, or in some political debate. But what does it mean, and how do their wages differ? This isn't necessarily a blue-collar phrase, nor is it a white collar. In fact, it just means these workers have specific/specialized training... Continue Reading →

Value of Time (Part 2) – Investments

Understanding how time helps your investments! While fulfilling our desires for present value can be satisfying, it isn’t the only way we should be valuing our time. Most decisions in life have long term impacts on both our own lives and society. Today, we are going to continue our discussion for the value of time,... Continue Reading →

Value of Time (Part 1)

When one hears the word “time,” they go through a process of elimination to determine the reference. People use this word in everyday language to describe a value, but often it is in reference to a clock. In which case, time is merely a measuring tool used to determine where you are in a particular... Continue Reading →


Everyday, people are faced with decisions, but wake up not knowing what will come their way. When faced with adversity we sink into our habits and use our experiences to fight through. When faced with happiness, we extend ourselves to new adventures and find a new wrinkle in our personality. Today I decided to write... Continue Reading →

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