Are You Ready For Retirement?

Do you know how your #retirement days will be spent? Why not spread them over your entire #life until waiting for the last 30 years or less?Remember no #opportunity presents itself twice, you much embrace the moments as they come. #Financial independence is a key ingredient for life more

Today or Tomorrow (Part 2)

Would you rather have $2 million today or $4 million in 15 years? In Part 1 we talked about Benjamin Franklin’s famous words “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Today, however, we are going to look at it from a financial stance. Granted, most people won’t ever win the lottery, and... Continue Reading →

Value of Time (Part 2) – Investments

Understanding how time helps your investments! While fulfilling our desires for present value can be satisfying, it isn’t the only way we should be valuing our time. Most decisions in life have long term impacts on both our own lives and society. Today, we are going to continue our discussion for the value of time,... Continue Reading →

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